• Preventative Maintenance

  • Truck & Trailer Repair provides services tailored to fit your company and fleet. Our preventative maintenance program is based on mileage set by the customer. This program allows for predictability in service intervals and helps the manager forecast operating costs.

    We use high quality oil that meets API CL-4 service standards for 2002 severe duty diesel engines. We are environmentally friendly and recycle 100% of our used oil and filters.

  • Lube Service
    Full service oil change using quality oil
    Replace oil filter
    Lubricate chassis
    Check & fill windshield washer fluid
    Check & fill transmission fluid
    Check & fill power steering fluid
    Check & fill antifreeze/coolant
    Check & fill battery cells
    Check & fill differential fluid
    Check wiper blades
    Inspect Air Filter
  • Additional Services
    Air Filter Replacement
    Power Steering Flush
    Diesel Injection Service
    Early Detection Battery & Electrical System Analyzer
    Battery Replacement
    Radiator Flush/Fill
    Transmission Fluid Change
    Differential Fluid Change
    Tire Pressure: Check/Inflate
    Tire Rotation
    Diesel Filters/ Water Separators
    Windshield Wipers
    Headlight/ Light bulb Replacement